Saturday, April 12, 2008

My First Painting Sold!

So Nick offers classes of various sorts in what they call "Nickelodeon University." One of these classes was Chinese Brush Painting, which I took in the Fall of 2007. Fortunately it was a one-day class (it's tough to commit to a class more than two weeks, but at least they're economical and fun.) We started with the masculine "bamboo" painting, then moved to the feminine "orchids." Painting in this style soothed me from a stressful day. I was immediately sold on this medium and wanted to go out and spend all my money on supplies so I could paint more. What's so great about this is that it's like poetry. It's emoting through the brush versus the pen. So zen!

Anyway, the next day I tell my art director about the class. I was quite proud of my orchid and since most people at the studio hadn't taken me as an artist at the time, they humored me. And although I favored the orchid, one of my artist friends took a liking to the bamboo painting instead. First he asked for a photo copy. I was caught off guard, wondering why he'd want it. (This was my first brush painting ever and I was just warming up with this piece.) But after lunch, he asked me how much I would sell it for. He said to be reasonable. Was $5 reasonable? I wondered. He said he'd buy it for $100! and asked for my signature and a receipt. SOLD!

... It's since inspired me to paint more of these. Maybe do a whole show in this style. Who knows?