Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chinese Landscape Painting

Another class taught by Nan Rae. I gave my painting to my mom for Mother's Day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mighty B! Color BGs

It's that time again - time to look for another job! So I've been putting my feelers out to all different studios and there's nothing really going on. So I thought it wise to keep adding to my portfolio (newer pieces versus college pieces.) Here's a couple things I painted for the "Mighty B!" Test.

I got reacquainted with Photoshop and techniques, and had to create at least two washes and two brushes to accompany these. So much fun! I can't wait to paint more!

(I will be picking up a timing test soon. Hopefully I get to at least do some freelance!)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Resume - Long Version

Rochelle Perry

Objective: Color Stylist/BG Painter

Nickelodeon Animation Studio Burbank, CA Sep08-Present
Sheet Timer for “Ni Hao Kai-lan!”
- Responsible for timing, lip-assigning, and modifying the storyboards for cohesive scenes
- Communicated with the directors and animatic editors for consistencies in the show
- Addressed checker’s notes and notes for retakes

RoCart, Inc. Hollywood, CA Nov08-Feb09
Freelance Storybook Artist for Nick Jr’s live action TV Series “The Jump Arounds”
- Responsible for coloring storybook panels for research using Adobe Illustrator
- Designed characters, props, and bg elements for books used in research

Nickelodeon Animation Studio Burbank, CA Apr07-Sep08
Storybook Artist for “Ni Hao Kai-lan!”
- Responsible for coloring storybook panels for research using Adobe Illustrator
- Posed out characters, pre-designed characters, props, and BG elements for show

Nickelodeon Animation Studio Burbank, CA Apr07-Mar08
Freelance Cleanup Artist/Color Stylist for “Ni Hao Kai-lan!”
- Responsible for cleaning up and coloring backgrounds for shows
- Designed outstanding characters and props when needed
- Colored props and characters for Special Double Episode
- Designed special patterns for merchandising for NCR (Nick Creative Resources)

Nickelodeon Animation Studio Burbank, CA Dec06-Feb08
Production Assistant for “Ni Hao Kai-lan!”
- Assisted design team with shipping, paste-ups, lead sheets, breakdowns, NCR materials to Nick Jr.
- Coordinated meetings, managed executive calendars, prepared schedules for the design team
- Managed art director’s retake notes

Nickelodeon Animation Studio Burbank, CA Sep06-Mar07
Research Assistant for “Ni Hao Kai-lan!”
- Acted as a liaison between consultants, linguists, executives, writers, and production team
- Recruited schools, updated database, observed children in research, posted data on the FTP site

Film Roman/IDT/Starz Media Burbank, CA Sept06-Sept06
Freelance Production Assistant for “The Simpsons Movie”
- Helped with conforming storyboards, entering data into GDI, compositing in Photoshop
- Pegged up layouts for shipping overseas, ordered meals, pasted-up model sheets

Pre-Professional Experience:
Women in Animation Los Angeles, CA Jul06-Mar08
Event Planner/Point Person
- Responsible for planning activities, writing invitations, coordinating volunteers, emailing

National Geographic Ent. Beverly Hills, CA Jul06-Sept06
Intern for TV Series Animation Department
- Provided coverage and notes on Development pitches and scripts; wrote pass letters
- Looked over animation production budget; note-taking during meetings

Jan Nagel, Entertainment Marketing Encino, CA Mar06-Jul06
Assistant to Entertainment Marketing Diva
- Performed administrative functions to an animation consultant
- Organized networking contacts; inputted data entry into Outlook Express

Nickelodeon Animation Studio Burbank, CA Jan06-May06
Development/Production Intern
- Provided general administrative support such as: rolling calls, fulfilling dub requests, messengering materials, faxing, filing, calendar management in Outlook
- Coverage for spec scripts, pitch bibles; inputting DTS records; temped as assistant
- Pitched short cartoon My Pet Peeve to Frederator

Woodbury University Burbank, CA Sep03-May06
Academic Writing Consultant (English tutor)
- Assessed individual student needs to improve student’s writing proficiency
- Meeting and greeting people; answering phones in place of Admin. Assistants

Nickelodeon Animation Studio Burbank, CA Sep05-Dec05
Production Intern for Nickelodeon’s “Xs”
- Helped file and organize artwork, archiving, and shipping overseas
- Created a library database for the background painters, cleaned up artwork
- Wrote article for Nickelodeon’s SPLAT! Newsletter

Woodbury University Burbank, CA Aug02-May06
BFA in Animation, minor in Graphic Design; Graduated Cum Laude
- Awarded Outstanding Service and Leadership Award

Special Interest:
UCLA Extension Westwood, CA Sept08-Present
Currently enrolled in the Writer’s Program – General Creative Writing
- Focus on playwriting

Write Act Repertory Hollywood,CA Nov08-Present
Active Member and Playwright of Hollywood Theatre Company
- Assigned to write plays for upcoming performances onstage
- Front of House Coordinating and Assisting with Costumes
- Ambitions to combine animation/paintings to the theatre world

- Member and Active Volunteer of ASIFA Hollywood and Women in Animation
- President of International Student Organization; Vice President/Event Planner of Cel-art, Woodbury's Student Animation Organization

- Currently working on treatment/pitch bible for various animated TV series
- Completed a self-published children's book "Tilty's Christmas Wish"
- Completed Senior Animated Film, Bombs Away!
- Wrote Spec Script for Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends for Nickelodeon’s Fellowship

References available upon request