Friday, November 5, 2010

This is Halloween

This year I dressed up as Mystique Sonia from the animated show "Hero 108" that I am currently working on.

(Mystique Sonia image is property of Moonscoop.)

Here is some concept art:

Yaksha (hat):
I used materials I got from Target (total $5) and buttons from Joann's for the eyes and nostrils. I used black felt for the teeth.

I bought the dress from Forever 21 for about $11. I cut the seams on the sides and hammered some eyelets in to tie red ribbon through because Sonia's dress flares out.

I bough crinoline fabric from Joann's for about $0.89/yard. I got 5 yards, cut it down to about 24"x2" and tied it onto a red ribbon, a couple inches longer than my waist size. Repeated the tying until the end of the knot.

I also went as "She" from Machete. (I'm so bad at making decisions lately so I end up going with both!)

Here's some concept art:

I used a black printer cartridge as my huge gun! Love it! Thank you IT man at work! :)