Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011 - Steampunk Witch

This year I was a steampunk witch, carrying potions for both good and evil. Patrick was a steampunk gentleman, carrying guns on him. To make things simple in our explanation, we called him the killer and I the healer, and told people who didn't understand what steampunk was that we were an "Industrial-Victorian lady and gentleman." I surprisingly won the costume contest for Sexiest Costume! Wow! Never would have thought that. I really liked my makeup and how it turned out. Very dark, almost zombie-like. Made me look more like a witch.
Here is the costume I pieced together/made.


I got the corset on eBay several years back. The black shirt I got from a boutique back in college.

For the bottom half of me, I made a black tutu to give a bustier look (cuz I still wanted to be able to sit down.) This I learned how to do for my costume last year. I got all my fabric at Joann's, using coupons or deals they had. I found out how to bustle a skirt on youtube and Patrick and my mom both helped me.

I made all the jewelry...


(bracelet - which I also made black lace cuffs)

... and added a necklace to the $2 hat I got.

My makeup was inspired by how to videos on youtube:

Since I considered myself to be a witch, I consider myself a master of potions, using both healing elixirs and toxic poisons.


For Patrick's steampunk costume, I found the vest, slacks, and jacket at a thrift store - my favorite on in Burbank, American Way. All for under $20.

He modded his $5 hat...

... made the goggles...

... and fixed up the long gun.

Even found a timepiece for him to use:

Our collection of artifacts:

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